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We're now offering 3" x 2" refrigerator photo magnets.


12-99      $1.50

100-999 $1.25

1000 - 14,999 $1.00

15,000 + $.85

Magnets can be created specifically for your project. There is a minimum order size of 12 magnets. Your image or mine can be used and text of any type.

For orders out of the San Diego area, shipping is not included in the price.

For more information, please write me with your specification at

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Awesome Magnets

  • OSMAG1

    3" X 2" refrig magnet. Pelicans pass high atop the Oceanside pier in this stunning aerial view at sunset. This image has been used in many publications. The words "Oceanside California complete this fun magnet".

  • OSMAG2

    3" X 2" refrig magnet. Pelicans pass high atop the Oceanside pier in this stunning aerial view at sunset. This image has been used in many publications. The words "We love Oceanside California" finish off cool and fun magnet.

  • OSMAG4

    Pelicans and a surfer at Oceanside Pier. Oceanside is 40 miles North of San Diego, California.

  • OSMAG6

    3" x 2" magnets- Stunning aerial view of Oceanside Pier and Tall palm trees at sunset.

  • OSMAG9

    Oceanside 3" x 2" magnet - Surfers admire another glorious sunset.

  • OSMAG10

    3" x 2" - This is an award winning image of the Oceanside pier at sunset.

  • OSMAG12

    Oceanside and the Pier at sunset as seabirds wing past.

  • OSMAG15

    Dramatic aerial sunset view of the Oceanside Harbor including the little lighthouse illuminated.

  • OSMAG16

    Oceanside Harbor at sunset. Stunning Aerial view of the little lighthouse.

  • OSMAG17

    3" x 2" magnet - The iconic TOPGUN house in Oceanside California, USA

  • OSMAG18

    A vertical (portrait) formatted image, This is the Oceanside Harbor at sunset with Pelicans passing and the little lighthouse to the left.

  • OSMAG19

    Pelican at the Oceanside Pier. Oceanside, California, USA.

  • OSMAG20

    Pelican at the Oceanside Pier, Oceanside, California, USA.

  • OSMAG21

    Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, California

  • OSMAG22

    This is a stunning aerial view of the Oceanside Harbor.

  • OSMAG23

    A stunning aerial view of the Old Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, California, USA.

  • OSMAG24

    Stunning aerial view of the Oceanside harbor during a colorful sunset.

  • OSMAG25

    A stunning sunset at the Oceanside (CA) harbor with the little lighthouse center image.

  • OSMAG26

    Oceanside Harbor at Sunset.

  • OSMAG27

    Daylight image of the quaint Oceanside Harbor and lighthouse.

  • OSMAG28

    Sunset at the Oceanside Pier.

  • OSMAG29

    Tall Palms against another stunning Oceanside sunset.

  • OSMAG30

    Pelicans glides across waves with a surfer in the background.

  • SDMAG31

    Oceanside Pier during a busy day at the beach.

  • OSMAG32

    This is a stunning combination of 4 Oceanside favorite images. Upper left is the Harbor at sunset. Upper right is a surfer at sunset near the pier. Lower left is the pier at sunset with pelicans flying past. Lower right is an aerial view of Old Mission San Luis Rey.

  • OSMAG33

    This is a stunning 4 pack of Oceanside images. From the adventure at Go-Fly, to surfers at the pier, to the little lighthouse at the harbor, Oceanside offers something for everyone.

  • OSMAG34

    Colorful Oceanside, California magnet with waves and surfboards

  • OSMAG35

    This is a colorful beach themed magnet for Oceanside, California, with cresting waves, tall palm trees, and surfboards.

  • OSMAG36

    Deep colors and a peaceful moment at sunset in this aerial image of the Oceanside Pier.


    3" x 2" magnet. The famous and iconic power plant along the shores of Carlsbad in this late afternoon aerial image.


    3" x 2" magnet- The stunning flower fields in Carlsbad, California. A tourism destination and favorite stopping point late spring.


    Pelicans glide past in Carlsbad - 3" x 2" magnet


    Carlsbad all decorated up - 3" x 2" magnet


    Life's a beach - Carlsbad, California


    Seagulls fly past another gorgeous sunset at the Carlsbad Cliffs, Carlsbad, California.


    This is a fun collection of 4 Carlsbad locations. From the downtown buildings all lit up at night, to the stunning beaches and shores during the day and at sunset, Carlsbad is a tourist favorite.


    This is a colorful Carlsbad magnet with waves, palm trees and surfboards.


    3" x 2" Magnet aerial image of Lake Hodges area at Sunset in Escondido, California, USA.


    Sunrise at Dixon lake in Escondido, California, USA


    It's Crusin Grand in Escondido, California, USA.


    Dramatic aerial panoramic view of Dixon Lake, Escondido, California, USA.


    Horses on a ranch in Escondido, California, USA.


    Aerial view of the Civic center buildings in Escondido, California, USA


    Escondido, California


    Tall palm trees and a blazing sunset in Escondido, California, USA.

  • DMMAG1

    Racing season in Del Mar, California. In this image horses break out of the gate.

  • DMMAG2

    3" x 2" refrig magnets - made in Oceanside, CA. Stunning aerial view of sunny Del Mar, California, USA.

  • DMMAG3

    Del Mar Magnet with Ocean waves, surfboards

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