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Certified FAA Part 107 Commercial Unmanned Remote Aircraft (Drone) Operator.

In other words, I can do the following for you:

1) Flight planning for commercial applications.

2) Create aerial still photos and panoramics.

3) Create aerial videos to support your project specifications.

4) Request waivers to airspace restrictions through the FAA web site

Videography Per hour cost:

I charge $200/hour. If your travel site is out of the San Diego area, there will be travel time involved and charges accordingly.

If video editing is required,  plan on 3 hours of editing per one hour of flight video and that cost is $75/hour.

Included in the cost is editing of images and creation of panoramics in Photoshop as necessary. All images taken are your property and will belong to you. I provide the images and or video via an internet cloud drive.

If you prefer, I will estimate costs on an overall project basis.

Real Estate Projects:

Aerial Photography: $150

With Aerial Photography, I'll provide from 5 to 10 images of your property. I'll attempt to capture your aerial photos from multiple angles at *approximately 30°, 60° & 90° degrees. At 30° the goal is to capture the house at a low level, with emphasis on the home itself. At 60° the photo typically shows the home in relation to its environment, which could be the land or the neighborhood. At 90° the photos are similar to a satellite view and emphasize the lot.

Aerial Videography: $200

This includes:

- 1 Hour of flight time directed by you on property (You'll be with me as we fly)

- Video editing to create a 2 minute video of your property.  Shots are edited together with transitions and text can be added per your requirements. Note: The video editing is often an iterative and interactive process which will require your involvement to select scenes and timing. The video included in this price is external video only and will include circling, side angles, and slow approach and pull back clips.

-You will be asked to provide text (in the case of text overlays), the address of the property, your business logo and business identification information, along with the layout for the final frame that you require.

-A custom audio track of your choice be added for an additional $49.

Additional flight time is $100/hour.


$1,000,000 of insurance is included in your hourly price for an additional $10/hour

Sample Event Videography including full movie and soundtracking

Real Estate Videography

Location Videography: Laguna Beach, California

Location Videography: Oceanside Harbor

High flying high resolution aerial panoramics

San Marcos Sunset #1
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